Public computers

Phasing out of PC classrooms

A number of locations at UGent currently still have classrooms with fixed desktop PCs. As from the academic year 2022-2023, UGent resolutely opts for the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) principle for classes. The PC classrooms with fixed computers will be phased out and replaced by laptop classrooms. From now on, students must therefore provide their own laptop for classes that previously used the desktop PCs in the PC classes.

By further rolling out this principle, the UGent can free up a lot of space in places where there are currently still a bunch of fixed devices. UGent provides sufficient sockets in several places to charge the laptops.

Students who do not have their own laptop can receive support from UGent's Social Services.

PC classrooms for evaluations and PC exams

In a limited number of classrooms, the fixed PCs will be retained for the time being so that non-periodic evaluations and PC exams remain possible. This is the case in the following classrooms:

In all there are still about 400 PCs available for exams, of which over 300 are available throughout the year.

The PCs in these classes are equipped with proctoring software to monitor during exams.
The rooms with fixed PCs can also be used to conduct laptop exams with the exception of PC class Plateau-Rozier.

The aim is to move further towards exams on students' laptops instead of fixed PCs in the coming years. In time, fixed PCs could therefore almost completely disappear from view at UGent.