Incidents and planned changes

12-07-2024 SharePoint ( will be unavailable from Friday 12 July 10pm until Saturday 13 July 1pm due to an update of the SharePoint 2.0 environment.
08-07-2024 On Thursday 11 July, DICT will test the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Certain ICT applications will be unavailable during the test: Oasis, Ufora, SAP, SharePoint, GISMO and the shared S-disk. Read more.
04-07-2024 Earlier this week, an upgrade to Windows 11 was inadvertently triggered on a number of devices managed with ECM. This has since been rectified and the cause is under further investigation. More info.
26-06-2024 Register a private e-mail address in SAP MyApps. We will use this if your UGent e-mail address is not available (password forgotten, account locked, ...). Not registered a correct private address yet? You will receive a reminder today.
21-06-2024 Due to an update, the digital signing platform will be temporarily unavailable between 8pm and midnight on Wednesday 26 June.
17-06-2024 Due to an update, GISMO will be temporarily unavailable on Monday 24 June 2024 between 6pm and 7pm.
05-06-2024 Due to an update, Oasis' back office and web applications will be unavailable tonight from 5pm to 7pm.
23-05-2024 Due to an update, SAP PRD & SAP MyApps will be unavailable from Friday 24 May at 4pm until Saturday 25 May at 8pm.
16-05-2024 It is currently not possible to log on to the Ricoh multifunctionals.
03-05-2024 UGent's password policy stipulates that you must change your account's password every year. If your password hasn't been changed in a long time you will receive a notification via e-mail.