Incidents and planned changes

21-09-2023 At the following locations, Eduroam is currently not working: Sterre S2 and Sterre S5, HILO, Coupure Block F, New Pharmacy/Docolab, UZ MRB1 and UZ MRB2.
Update: fixed.
13-09-2023 SharePoint ( will be unavailable from Friday 15 September 10pm until Saturday ± 1pm due to patching of the SharePoint 2.0 environment.
13-09-2023 Due to a security update, SAP PRD & SAP MyApps will be unavailable today Wednesday 13/09 from 8pm until around 9pm.
11-09-2023 Due to a problem with the Infiniband network, the clustered file system is unavailable on all computing clusters. As a result, it is currently not possible to start jobs on the Tier-2 computing clusters.
Update: fixed.
07-09-2023 There are problems with printing and scanning on some multifunctionals (error message "License is not activated"). Problem was reported to supplier Ricoh.
Update: opgelost.
06-09-2023 There is currently a problem with network and telephony on the Mercator campus.
Update: fixed.
31-08-2023 There are currently issues with Findtime/scheduling poll in Outlook (web and app). Microsoft is working on a fix.
Update (4.09): issues with Findtime are now resolved.
22-08-2023 On Wednesday 23 August, the Eduroam certificate will be renewed. You will be asked again to confirm that you trust the certificate. The certificate authority (CA) is Sectigo RSA Organisation Validation Secure Server CA, the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)